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Dealing With The Shutdown

I am hoping this post finds all of you safe and healthy and how do I say this delicately — sane. These are crazy times and if you are like us, we are doing the best we can in the situation. Right now we are in a small town in Wisconsin staying a safe distance… Read more »

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We Are Still Out Here

Well it has been almost a year since my last post and a very trying year it was. As most of you know by now, I fractured my wrist during a bike ride last June in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. I wasn’t able to tolerate the cast so I went on some medication to get me… Read more »

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Family Time

The last three months have been all about family.  We arrived in the southern California desert on December 4th.  We got reconnected with Kean’s folks and spent a quite Christmas, New Year’s Eve (at least until midnight on the East Coast) and Super Bowl with them.  We did whatever chores they had for us and… Read more »

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From Here to There and Back Again

Wow! It has been a busy few months. On my last post we were wrapping up the summer and making our way south to Southern California. While in Page AZ, we did a day trip over to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you will recall, we did the South Rim during our… Read more »

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We’re Having Too Much Fun

Isn’t this a beautiful photo? I just had to start this post by sharing it with all of you. This is Kean’s Mom & Dad at their 60th Wedding Anniversary party that was held on April 1st. Their actual anniversary isn’t until June but no one wants to head to the California desert in June… Read more »

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Desert Southwest

Winter, who needs winter? We continue to escape the cold by staying in the southwest. But I guess it wasn’t much of a winter for most out there this year. Many days we saw it cooler out here than it was back in our old home town. So I left you off while we were… Read more »

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Winter Redefined

Here we are, happily wintering in the California desert. Okay, it hasn’t been a normal winter around here because of the lower temps and lots of rain, but it sure beats the cold, snow and ice that the rest of the country is experiencing. Do you like our new digs that we rented for 2… Read more »