We are off on a great adventure.  Where are we going?  Who knows.  For how long?  Who cares.  What will we see?  Everything we possibly can.  What will we do?   Sightsee, golf, hike, bike, and anything else that we feel like doing.

So come along and travel the roads with us and let’s have the time of our lives.


Franceen Grimstead

Hey Kean and Kathy I know you guys are having a great time. Kean just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday didn’t remember the date but I know it is this month. Keep rolling.

Michael Smith

Good on you and your husband taking off and scooting around the country and seeing what all is really out there. We didn’t stay in touch much at all after buying the house. I hope you reached the goal you had as a realtor. Good luck…..Be Safe…..Enjoy!!!!!

Jim and Flo

So wonderful to see you here in Portland, OR. Fun day of golf at Portland Golf Club and of course the eating and drinks weren’t bad either. Have fun in Oregon’s Wine Country. Its very beautiful. See you in the desert next winter. Safe travels. I’ve never done blogs before so I hope this goes through. Jim and Flo

Karyn Trummer

Hi you two~ Always enjoy your weekly updates. I can’t find the “map” you mentioned. I have looked all over the website. Could be me..;(
You have seen and done a lot in a very short period of time…amazing! Will you be heading up to NJ for Thanksgiving this year?
Beautiful country you have discovered. I love Maine!

Kean & Kathy

Bob, Thanks for the nice note. It was a pleasure working with Fujitsu over the past few years as we deployed our new point-of-sale solution. Kathy and I have made our way to Maine to find some cooler weather for the next few weeks. I’m sure we will pass through the Dallas area as we travel around this great country of ours. Will keep your invitation in mind when we do. V/r, Kean

bob pryor

Dear Kean, I didn’t get a chance to call before your retirement from the Navy Exchange, but just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for your strong leadership, positive impact and support of Fujitsu. I wish you great fun, happy motoring and continued prosperity in your well deserved retirement. If your wheels ever bring you to the Dallas area, please call so we can find a wonderful spot to park your motor home and take you and Kathy out to dinner. Warmest regards, Bob Pryor

David & Leanne

I’m new to blogs I guess, so I now see your plans. Take the time to stop in and see Natural Bridge and caverns. A real treat is Humpback Rocks for a spectacular view. Have fun!


We are so excited for you both and will love to stay up on your adventures. I recall it being Maine for stop #1? Leanne and I fondly remember our Maine vacation in August being one of the best getaways ever!

Grete Westcott

God Bless. Today is the first day of your grand new life. Enjoy!
We will enjoy “riding” along with you through your blogs. Love you. Mom.

Marcia Johnston

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!
Can’t wait to get going!

Kean & Kathy

Brenda, love you too. I will let you know when we are passing through. I would love to see you. It has been too long.


Sounds so exciting! I will have to live vicariously through you. My dream of RVing it too hard on my own. So you guys go have lots of adventures!

Brenda Totherow

Hope you both enjoy your travel. Be safe
Love you

Kean & Kathy

Thanks Chris. I think I have everything up and running now. I need your coding expertise.

Chris Burton

Hey! Nice webpage! Thanks for dinner and the tour last sunday. Very nice ride! I am sure you will have a blast travelling in comfort. I am signed up and so will be following your adventures. I expect both your golf handicaps to go down drastically beginning in August 🙂

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