We always say “nothing is ever easy”.  Well that certainly turned out to be the case in the past couple of weeks.  Everything was planned out in advance.  Yard would be refreshed the last week of February and the house would go on the market the first week of March.  The motorhome was due in the around the end of February.  Everything was on target and then it SNOWED and SNOWED and SNOWED.   What a mess!  The plan (which had been going smoothly for a year and a half) was now crumpled up and laying in a white mess outside the front door.  The inside of the house was done, power cleaned and ready to go.  The outside was a disaster.  We now had to wait until the snow melted so photographs could be taken and the house could go on the market.

Then the next speed bump.  The Jeep had a cracked head gasket and was in the shop.  A part had to be ordered.  The plan was to take the Jeep to pick up the motorhome and then tow it behind on the way home.  We waited each day as the parts were delivered to the dealership and each day we were told “not today”.  So on to Plan B.  We decided to just go ahead and pick up the RV and Kathy would follow behind in her car on the drive home.  Not the way we had it planned but that is the idea of this new lifestyle.  We are going to roll with the punches and (try to) not stress out.

So now motorhome is safely close by, the photographs of the house have been taken and it is going on the market tomorrow.  Let’s hope the house sale part of this goes smoothly.  Maybe all the bad things have already happened.  Oh, probably not.  Okay, a person can dream, can’t they?

Written by Kean & Kathy

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